Quadient Inspire Certification is Key to Success

By John Kullmann

In the hands of a beginner power tools can be risky or even perilous; but, if you put that same set of tools in the hands of a skilled craftsman, you will soon see beautiful products or even works of art.  It is only common sense that a new person in a machine shop wouldn’t be simply allowed to operate heavy machinery without the proper training skills and certification. Macrosoft feels the same for the use of Quadient Inspire. That is why we invest to ensuring our team members are both trained and certified to utilize Quadient Inspire’s tools and technologies.

Quadient Inspire is an incredibly powerful suite of technology tools that enables companies to enhance the experience for customers through optimized individualized and timely communication, but like any tool it’s only effective when utilized by a skilled professional.

Macrosoft has built a team of US and international developers with the skills to ensure your Quadient Inspire project is successful. Whether your company is new to Customer Communication Management (CCM) or you have worked in the space for years you understand the importance of having a team of people with the skills you need.

6 steps you really need to follow to convert your DOC1 applications to Quadient Inspire/GMC

Clients today are demanding convenience. People expect companies to work across channels while using a variety of devices. They expect your business to be available 24/7 and follow them where they are.  At the same time, you are facing more regulation. Using the Quadient Inspire suite we will help your business speed up the process of communication across a wider variety of channels.

Certifications’ span the entire scope including:

  • Basic and Advanced Designer
  • Basic and Advanced Interactive
  • Scaler
  • Content Manager

If you have requirements for local or remote services let us know and we can support your communication journey. Contact Macrosoft today.

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By John Kullmann | August 21st, 2019 | Quadient Inspire

About the Author

John Kullmann Chief Operating Officer Macrosoft

John Kullmann

John is the Chief Operating Officer for Macrosoft. In that capacity, he works with new and existing clients to clearly understand their requirements and translate them for the software development teams. John has extensive experience in Six Sigma, Lean Engineering and managing international operations. His background has allowed him to be responsible for ensuring ongoing client satisfaction. John consistently provides excellent customer service, ensuring the highest quality.

John collaborates with all members of the leadership and operation teams, during the creation of new services. Similarly, he is Macrosoft’s corporate face, ensuring our messaging and content represent the high-tech, high-quality of Macrosoft.

John is a frequent speaker at industry events and is the Chairman of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Tech Talk Forum.

Though John always takes his work very seriously, he does not take himself so serious. Outside of work, John sits on the Board of Directors for Family Nature Summits. Additionally, he plays tennis and enjoys every outdoor activity.

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