Quadient Inspire Days 2019

By Allen Shapiro

Three days of Networking, Education, with a little Fun mixed in.

As a Certified Delivery Partner, Macrosoft was pleased to participate along with over 400 contemporaries coming from 23 countries at Inspire Days 2019.  This was the first truly Global Quadient conference bringing client, partners and employees from all over the world.  As with any event, the networking during breaks and over meals often yielded tremendous insights to what people are doing and problems they are addressing.

Macrosoft was pleased to learn of the rapid growth trajectory Quadient Inspire continues to enjoy year after year. We learned from many real-life client case studies. These project summaries focused on the measurable ROI companies are experiencing within an ever-shortening period of time.

Most exciting was to learn about the new enhancements and features coming to the suite of tools and technologies.

Version 14, (for some superstitious reason 13 with skipped) has so many new features built with direct voice of the customer input.  These are speeding the work of development teams and increasing customer experience capabilities.

Inspire Express the new migration platform uses a blend of: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and AI to speed the shifting of legacy CCM technologies.   

Quadient’s Chief Solutions Officer, Chris Hartigan, walked the audience members through the journey of a company that’s tools were originally developed based on Compliance which then evolved into being Business Driven and have now become truly Customer Experience Centric.

Quadient’s ever growing tools and technologies are world class, offering uses better ways to continually enhance the Client Experience.

Estimate Time and Cost for DOC1 to Quadient Inspire Conversions

In a DOC1 to Quadient Inspire / GMC conversion, it is critical to have a clear idea on the effort it takes to get such a task done. Estimating the time and cost is essential as it depends on a number of factors.

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By Allen Shapiro | September 17th, 2019 | Quadient Inspire

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Allen Shapiro, Director – CCM Practice

Allen Shapiro

Allen brings more than 25 years of diverse experience in Marketing and Vendor Management to Macrosoft Inc. As the Managing Director of our Customer Communications Management (CCM) practice, Allen leads the Onshore and Off-shore CCM development teams. Additionally, Allen oversees pre-sales activities and is responsible for managing the relationship with our CCM software provider Quadient.

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