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Quadient Inspire has become the market leader in customer communications management (CCM) systems. From insurance companies to the financial sector, Quadient has cemented itself as a leader in customer communications management. Macrosoft has become the largest implementation and delivery partner of Quadient with our multiple certifications and our long-standing partnership. Macrosoft currently has the largest number of active Quadient certified developers. Our continued expertise with Quadient has allowed us to deliver Quadient based complex business solutions around the globe. With our multiple certifications, the Macrosoft team of Quadient experts have successfully developed and implemented custom Quadient based solutions. We have seamlessly completed thousands of forms, templates, letters, and other communications for clients. We have done this while achieving high levels of quality and responsiveness with lower total costs.

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Quadient migrations


Many industry giants are from an era where most of the communications happened over physical mail and postcards. The digital age requires a mix of legal clarity, utmost professionalism, and unmatched punctuality when it comes to sending important documents. The biggest issue with existing legacy CCM systems is that many of them have limited functionality; but more importantly, several in the worst-case scenario, have been retired with no more support options. Macrosoft has a history of helping clients to migrate from existing systems to Quadient. With our multiple certifications within the Quadient platform, we not only migrate from legacy systems to Quadient, but we provide customized solutions that address existing bottlenecks and account for the future growth of the organization. At Macrosoft, we also have a speed advantage when it comes to migrating to Quadient as we have a proprietary migration process that is faster, accurate, and minimizes application issues.  

Software Licensing & Implementation

Quadient is a complex software platform that needs to be implemented to conform with client’s operations and optimized for the system requirements. Macrosoft has an implementation team to architect the right solution for your organization and integrat within your network operations. Additionally, Macrosoft can help you with acquiring the proper licensing of the modules across the Quadient platform to optimize all you are looking to achieve in your customer communications.

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Delivery Model

Macrosoft works with all types of organizations to ensure they are getting the best from their customer communication management (CCM) investment. We do this by ensuring the implementation of best practices at all steps of the project. Macrosoft’s team prides itself on being the most certified Quadient partner across all modules of the platform. We are flexible to work in a way that works best for you and have four primary delivery models to achieve that: Direct Quadient Certified Developers on site; Remote US Certified Quadient Developers; New Jersey Quadient Authoring Development Center; and International Quadient Development Center. Our work with clients encompasses overflow support services; implementation services; project-based work; dedicated individuals; managed teams; and migration services.