Quadient Delivery Models

Quadient Delivery Models

Macrosoft is the leading technology service provider dedicated to Quadient CCM solutions, with extensive end-to-end experience and the preferred partner of Quadient. Our implementations have completed thousands of documents and other communications for our clients by achieving high levels of quality and responsiveness with lower total costs. Understanding the client requirements, combining business knowledge, CCM experience, and technological expertise, Macrosoft teams provide best in class solutions for our customers.

Macrosoft works with all types of organizations to ensure they are getting the best from their customer communication management (CCM) investment. We do this by ensuring the implementation of best practices at all steps of the project. Macrosoft’s team prides itself on being the most certified Quadient partner across all modules of the platform. We also have a training program for our internal staff by which we are constantly building our expertise with Quadient. 

We have four primary delivery models which allow us to be flexible to work with you the way that works best for your organization.

  • Direct Quadient Certified Developers on Site
  • Remote US Certified Quadient Developers
  • New Jersey Quadient Authoring Development Center
  • International Quadient Development Center

Our team has the ability to work with you no matter where you are in your project or what you are looking to achieve. Our delivery approach spans multiple project types.

Overflow Support Services – Customer communications development and distribution can be cyclical in nature, causing periods of peak demand for your team. Macrosoft has the ability to expand and contract to provide you the resources you need as your development demand dictates.

Implementation Services – Whether you are starting with an entirely new implementation, adding an additional module, or upgrading your version, Macrosoft has the skilled team to implement and configure the Quadient platform for your organization.

Project-Based Work – Often clients have a specific project or task that they need completed covering a group of forms, statements, or documents. Macrosoft has the ability to scope this project and provide fixed delivery services to achieve your desired objective.

Dedicated Individuals – If you have an ongoing need and require a certified strong contributor to your team, Macrosoft has the best resources available that can be assigned on a dedicated basis to support your organization’s Quadient development requirements.

Managed Teams – Often a team is needed with a variety of skill sets from architecture to development and testing to complete projects on an ongoing basis. Macrosoft can set up the team whether in the US, internationally, or blended to precisely deliver what you need in a contained format.

Migration Services – Over the years, many clients have collected a variety of CCM applications, causing difficulty with support and standardization. Macrosoft has a dedicated migration team designed to use proprietary tools and techniques to optimally move your legacy documents to the Quadient platform.


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