Quadient Inspire Licensing and Implementation Services

Software Licensing and Implementation Services

Software Licensing

The Quadient Inspire platform comes with a wide variety of customer communication management tools. Each tool can solve many issues faced by an organization that wishes to communicate with customers in a personalized manner. Many clients do not have a clear understanding of the features and benefits of each element within the Quadient platform nor do they always have a clear understanding of their current and future requirements. Macrosoft’s architecture team helps design the right license solution to fit within client requirements. We ensure clients do not over by wasting resources and capital at the same time we make sure they do not miss important automation capabilities within their program.

Macrosoft’s certified development team can ensure you license exactly what you need for the situation you are facing. We optimize your investment by tailoring your license program in conjunction with the Quadient team. This where Macrosoft’s Quadient licensing service can help organizations to reach their business goals in a quicker and less expensive way.   Many of the time, organizations do not require the entire suite as their requirement is narrow. Licensing modules you don’t require results in a waste of resources and capital.

Macrosoft as a strategic partner of Quadient inspire can support your organization’s Quadient software licensing requirements. We work in all components of the tool including working with your organization. Microsoft implementation starts first by understanding your needs and requirements. We document specifically what you want to accomplish and design a program to ensure success.

Implementation Services

Once acquired Macrosoft works with you on a proper implementation. This can be simple as a version upgrade within the Quadient platform. It may be the installation and configuration of a new function or module. Or it might be a complete implementation of a wholly new license. No matter what your requirement Macrosoft has the architects who can design the right solution and implement it within your network. We do this securely and in conjunction with your network team.

Whether you are starting with an entirely new implementation adding an additional module or upgrading your version Macrosoft has the skilled team to implement and configure the Quadient platform for your organization.

Our team of network architects and system engineers properly install and configure the system to meet your business requirements. We set up appropriate permissions levels and access privileges. Macrosoft has the largest number of Quadient certified engineers, with expertise covering all the features and solutions Quadient such as designer, interactive, scaler, ICM, and more. Our Quadient engineers can determine which components of the software will provide you the best solution to your business needs.  Our Quadient engineer can deliver the desired results at a quicker pace, a stable release, and a solution that meets all the expectations and demands.


Conversion from DOC1 to Quadient Inspire for a CCM Client
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