Quadient Inspire Migration

Quadient migrations

Legacy systems that provide document composition solutions and Customer Communications Management (CCM) are no match for the needs of modern customers. The modern customer consumes data from many platforms, from smartphones to postal mail that comes to their residence. Our expertise with Quadient has helped many clients to migrate and achieve business growth and a lower total cost of ownership.

Conversion to Quadient GMC Inspire

DOC1 to Quadient GMC Inspire Conversion

Six steps you need to follow to convert your DOC1 applications to Quadient GMC Inspire.

Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge of the print industry. We connect the dots on how to effectively migrate from legacy environments and software products to the Quadient platform. The migration must meet all the present expectations of the client and the future growth of the organization as well. We empower our clients with enhanced and proven solutions that provide enterprise grade performance. We provide a complete range of professional services that leverage the full potential of Quadient Inspire.

Macrosoft has the largest number of Quadient certified developers. This expertise has allowed us to help our clients shift to Quadient Inspire at a quicker rate with minimal data at a lower cost than our competitors. We offer a complete range of professional services that leverages the full potential of the Quadient Inspire Suite, delivering efficient processes and cost savings. Macrosoft employs some of the most talented and experienced professionals with extensive print industry and Customer Communications Management (CCM) knowledge, helping our clients convert from legacy environments to Quadient Inspire software.

Why Migrate to Quadient Inspire

  • Many proprietary products are reaching end-of-life or expiration of support in the upcoming year.
  • Legacy solutions do not support growth and modern enhanced omnichannel personalized communications.
  • Need to eliminate multiple license and support costs incurred from disparate solutions from various communication systems.
  • Track record of proven success in smooth transitions from legacy products such as EZ-Letter and CSF, CompuSet and DOC1, to the Quadient Inspire platform.

Transform your business and delight your customers by moving to the Omni-channel Quadient Inspire platform.

PDF Morph

PDF Morph is a cloud-based tool that assists our professionals to mark and extract data from the PDF files and generates WFDs for input to Inspire Designer. The data from the PDF are extracted based on X, Y coordinates. PDF Morph helps the users to extract texts, font type and size, line spacing and paragraph width, barcodes, X,Y coordinates, image coordinates, etc. from the PDF, and generates the corresponding WFD file for input to Inspire Designer. The tool can extract data from a single page PDF, multiple page PDF, and supports multi-layout PDFs too.

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Legacy Environments to Quadient Inspire Migration

  • Autograph
  • Calligo
  • CSF
  • DOC1
  • DocuMerge
  • EZ-Letter
  • ISIS Papyrus
  • Others

Quadient Inspire Conversion Process

Legacy systems may have been a very popular and flexible format that was recognized by many systems from CRMs to CISs to billing software. Today, these systems are not as robust, interactive, or intuitive as Quadient. Macrosoft’s migration begins with a detailed analysis of the current system to identify the reusability of pre-composition and then perform required changes in the client-specific program. If data conversion is required, then we migrate the data to XML.

Conversion Methodology

Conversion Methodology
  1. Input Data Formatting – We use a custom-built automation tool for converting the text-based flat file inputs to legacy system to the XML-formatted file for input to Quadient Inspire.
  2. Design Element Template – We have developed a set of template checklists that our developers fill out for each legacy application that is up for conversion.
  3. Build the Quadient Inspire Application – Quadient Inspire developer uses the templates created under the prior task to build out the Inspire equivalent application.
  4. Test the Quadient Inspire output – Our team runs full validations comparing legacy and Quadient Inspire outputs for the same data inputs to detect any discrepancies.
  5. Agile for Migrations – We rely on Agile process to review any issues/concerns of the team throughout the conversion process.
  6. Project Management – PM holds primary responsibility for all interactions with the client’s team throughout the conversion process.


XML Parser Tool for Automating DOC1 to Quadient Inspire Conversion
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