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CCM (Customer Communication Management)

We are in an exponentially connected world, where an average customer has multiple outlets to seek and receive information. The type of information is both physical and digital in nature; extending to printed documents, statements, web pages, email, text messages, PDF, and more. However, effective administration is not just the delivery of correspondence. The important part of the whole process is a segmentation of messages into variable components, which are then assembled in a personalized nature. As the company having the largest number of Quadient Inspire Certified Developers, we ensure that all your communications or messages are segmented down to an audience of one. We focus our expertise to deliver customized solutions to each client, meeting their expectations and demands.

Quadient Partnership

Macrosoft’s title as a Quadient Inspire Preferred Partner comes from years of implementation, migration, licensing, and expertise with Quadient. Macrosoft has the largest number of Quadient Certified Developers. This gives us the capability of serving clients belonging to healthcare, insurance, financial, and print industries. Our continued partnership with Quadient has allowed us to deliver high-quality complex solutions to our clients.

Global Capabilities

Using an agile development methodology, Macrosoft has established a blended US and International team model to ensure comprehensive cost-effective delivery of projects. No matter where the work is done, we test, test, and test again before delivering any application, document, or page to a client. We know every situation needs a delivery structure and we are suited to do them all. We can work on-site, we can work remotely in the US, we can work internationally, or we can deliver using a blended approach. Our teams seamlessly integrate with client organizations ensuring high success on every project.

Quadient Inspire Business Advantage

  • Ability to develop secure omnichannel communications quickly and easily.
  • Add dynamic communications capabilities to traditional communications.
  • Easier to connect to any third-party tools and data sources.
  • Create a responsive, interactive, and regulatory compliant mobile experience.
  • Reduce the complexity of template management.
  • Streamline processes, reduce costs, and achieve greater agility.

Certified Professionals

  • Inspire Designer Basic: Create fully functional workflows that include working with styles, creating tables, handling text flowing, and setting up variable page selection.
  • Inspire Designer Advanced: Work with external design objects and styles, use global variables, apply advanced text flowing, and generate a table of contents for the designed documents.
  • Inspire Content Manager (ICM): Installing and working with Inspire Content Manager; especially focusing on ICM installation as a service with specific options, user group management, and individual user accounts, user rights management, and setting up password policies. Set up of as content versioning and working with approval states.
  • Inspire Interactive: Successfully creating Master Templates in Inspire Designer for use with further communication template design in Inspire Interactive.
  • Inspire Scaler: Verifying the configuration of Scaler application and creating functional workflows that automate the document production process, based on approved communication/document templates.

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