Data Products & Services for Small and Medium Businesses 


Macrosoft’s proprietary digital data mining technology is the foundation of our data services for B2B Direct Marketing to small and medium sized businesses (i.e. under 25 employees). Our customers are firms that utilize mass marketing tactics (primarily outbound telemarketing and direct mail) to reach their target audience. Traditional data sources (i.e. compiled lists) are not sufficient when facing the explosive growth and rate-of-change within the small/medium business target markets.

Small and medium businesses are the source of nearly 80% of the growth in the U.S. economy. Close to 40,000 new business applications are filed weekly. Growth in the small/ medium market is unprecedented over the past decade, as are the market dynamics (e.g. new/changed phone numbers, physical moves, expansion to additional locations, out-of- business rate).

It has long been acknowledged that even the most well- known list compilers were weak on the “low end”, and much more suited for targeting larger companies. This weakness has increased dramatically, concurrent with the growth and the rate of change within this “low end”.

Macrosoft employs a 100% digitally sourced data mining platform, leveraging multiple sources that are continuously updated.

The backbone of this platform includes digital data mining combined with artificial intelligence/machine learning, cloud-based high volume data processing, and the use of satellite imagery. This enables Macrosoft to have the most comprehensive and current view of the small/medium marketplace, and the most accurate contact information available (e.g. contact phone numbers, company name, complete and current address).

Introducing Macrosoft’s Small and Medium Business Data Services

Outbound telemarketing (OTM)

Traditional compiled sources often do not provide the current business name and/or phone for a small/medium business address. In addition, up to 50% of the phone numbers provided appear on national and state Do-Not- Call lists rendering them useless for OTM without specific intervention. Macrosoft enables B2B marketers to leverage OTM as an effective sales tactic to contact a far greater percentage of their target market.

  •   Identification of small/medium businesses not known to list compilers
  •   Correcting wrong and disconnected numbers
  •   Providing a phone where none is available via traditional sourcing
  •   “Reclaiming” DNC-impacted phones
Leveraging the capabilities mentioned above, we have helped firms more than triple their callable OTM lists.

Direct Mail

Traditional compiled sources frequently do not provide the active business name at an address, and when names are provided, the addresses are often incorrect or incomplete (e.g. missing a secondary address such as a suite #, 5-digit zip codes). Such data deficiencies are common when you send mail to the tens of millions of companies with under 25 employees. B2B marketers frequently do not know the extent to which their message was delivered to their targeted market. Macrosoft’s data sourcing allows for correct company name/address/ secondary address/city & state/zip + 4 across the majority of small and medium businesses.



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