Macrosoft Inc. prides itself on its team oriented,multi-ethnic family atmosphere. Whether it's through our family picnics, holiday parties or other company gatherings,Macrosoft makes it a point to make all our employees feel like they are part of one big family.

Our company provides the necessary training and support from co-workers and executives to keep our employees up to date on the most recent technologies while offering career development and advancement opportunities. Macrosoft's client base is in a variety of disciplines allowing employees to develop diversified work experience in their projects while establishing long term client relationships.

All these things have contributed to our company's very low rate of attrition over the years and has helped us attract candidates from top schools all over the world. At Macrosoft Inc, we realize that we can be only as successful as the people we employ so we are always looking for new talent to join our growing family.

  • Staff Augmentation: Extended staff for specific technical support requirements with qualified experts in virtually all technology languages, programs and systems.
  • Managed Teams: A group of interdependent technology experts both on and off-shore working together to deliver a specific business oriented result.
  • Turnkey Solutions: New systems developed, tested, documented and implemented end-to-end technology solutions for all business needs.
  • Packaged Products: Tested technology products that have been implemented at multiple clients and are quickly installed behind client firewalls.

Macrosoft stafffing services videos

Macrosoft as your Staffing Partner

Macrosoft is well known among our clients as a software development company. What they don’t realize is that we are also leaders in Staffing Services, which is one of our lesser known yet highly successful offering. We have a highly skilled recruitment team who understand the newest technologies that allows us to hire the right candidates for our clients. Not only do we find the right candidates but we also back them up with our technical resources to ensure they successfully work on critical projects. Our recruitment team is backed by a very strong network of proprietary contacts that allows us find the best people for the right job. This ongoing requirement pool ensures continuous employment to our staff on completion of every new assignment. We work with a wide variety of industries and are particularly strong in areas like Telecom, HealthCare, and Insurance. For more details inbox us at 

Macrosoft Staffing Process

Recruitment Team Lead Stalin Anthony explains the recruitment process and how you can work with Macrosoft. Macrosoft collects the requirement from the client, understands and carry out the recruitment process for selecting the best qualified candidate. Phone screening is the initial step to understand the candidate’s experience and also to make them understand the job responsibilities. Macrosoft is focused in delivering and providing highly qualified candidates with advanced educational qualification that matches the client requirements. The Recruitment team at Macrosoft makes sure that the client, candidates and preferred vendors are 100% satisfied towards Recruitment strategies. For more details inbox us at

What makes Macrosoft Staffing Services Unique?

Recruitment Team Lead Michele Blumengold talks about what makes Macrosoft Staffing services unique for candidates. She explains that Macrosoft doesn’t make resumes but follow through from beginning to end and continue the repeated process to make sure that the candidates know what is going on with their resume. Macrosoft ensures that if candidates resume is not picked, it’s not the end of it but communication with candidates happen for suitable placement. Candidates come back to Macrosoft because they know Macrosoft really cares about them.  Find out more about Macrosoft write to us at

Macrosoft Staffing Services and Team Structure

Recruitment Team Lead Stalin Anthony talks about the Macrosoft Staffing team and specialized services. Macrosoft maintains a good recruitment team with strong academic record. The team works to recruit candidates for Contract, Contract to hire and Full time positions. Also, the Recruitment team handles the hiring for technical and non-technical positions such Project Manager, Technical Architects, Analytical Software developers, Customer Support, Desktop Support, Financial Analyst, etc. The team makes sure that the people involved in the process are 100% satisfied with Recruitment strategies. To learn more contact us at

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