FacTek, Macrosoft’s Women Owned Business Partner

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FacTek is an alliance partner of Macrosoft.  FacTek specializes in developing customized programs to meet the diversity recruitment goals of employers in the IT industry. This woman-owned organization is designed to support technology needs while achieving diversity requirements.  With our IT staffing, companies have a flexible workforce at their fingertips that can rise to meet any challenges on short notice. There are concerns from many companies about the credibility and accountability of IT employees. Their concerns are never raised when FacTek is the provider of your IT staff. Our IT staffing department itself is tracking and monitoring daily activities and productivity goals. When our IT staff is engaged by another company, we align our measures with their goals, so both companies are driving towards the same objective.

Our IT staff are also ready to go above and beyond for their clients, as most of them are ready to relocate to the premises of their client for a temporary stay. So, instead of going through hundreds of resumes, running circles around the HR department, project managers can directly find the best talent and resources. Startups are the biggest consumers of IT employees. With FacTek staffing services startups have access to the same talent and resources for their new ideas without financially straining the business.

FacTek’s high caliber recruiters enable employers to engage with a coveted pool of talented resources in the IT industry. Clients range from a mix of Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized businesses, and non-profit organizations. Since Factek’s beginning, it has been key in connecting employers with the brightest group of diverse professionals. FacTek is equally committed to providing each candidate with exceptional support in career advancement throughout their tenure.

FacTek’s IT staffing services has multiple advantages in addition to being an easy way for companies to find talented IT resources. IT staffing can help companies to save money on multiple fronts, such as not having to buy furniture, less workspace, insurance, dedicated HR staff, and more. Another advantage is companies can quickly and seamlessly scale according to needs. If the client miscalculated the time required for deployment or launch, with a couple of messages, the client can have multiple IT staff working on the project to meet deadlines and goals. This ability to have multiple talents and resources on such short notice is only possible with FacTek’s IT staffing services.

FacTek is a privately held, small company and our clients are its only priority. Team members go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service to all clients. The goal for the coming years is to continue to strengthen and expand services and serve clients to meet and exceed their needs.



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