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Macrosoft Hiring process
Macrosoft Hiring process

As more and more companies adopt managed teams and IT staffing, companies get to be more competitive by spending less. While some companies may be apprehensive about the program, Macrosoft has built a reputation as an IT staffing company by providing our clients with accountability and integrity. Whether you are a startup or medium-sized organization, using managed services can make your job easier. When effectively executed, a Managed Service (MS) is like gaining the advantages of an in-house IT department with the expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver focused application operations to your company’s business application users.

The Macrosoft management team model is a seamless integration of your organization and Macrosoft as a service provider. The team would consist of your employees, providing system requirements and user testing; and Macrosoft’s team of technology architects, system designers, software developers, testers, and documentation specialists. This is an extension of your team as we seamlessly integrate with your framework and management.

At a high level, your business users provide the requirements. The Macrosoft development team comes together with a proven agile development methodology to ensure successful implementation and staged deliveries.

With our years of experience working with clients across multiple industries and of all sizes, you can be assured that our team of technology experts has the skills and capabilities to ensure successful development and delivery of your project requirements. For both project-based requirements and time-bound projects, our IT staffing service can cover all your requirements with ease. We can help you to build a team to tackle any challenge that any organization now faces. This approach ensures innovation from your business community, in collaboration with the leading-edge thinking from our technology leadership. This combined approach ensures the greatest success for your business. It also allows scalability to ramp up or constrict the development team based on delivery timelines and client requirements.

Using project management systems, we ensure both the capture and retention of all knowledge during the project.  This creates a repository for future development needs. Macrosoft’s management team model is the most cost-effective way to ensure continuous development and continuous innovation across your projects. We promote collaboration of your business team and our technology experts to ensure successful delivery that is less risky and more effective. With our managed team and IT staffing services, we have helped multiple organizations to reach their goals with the right talent and the right time frame. As a leading IT staffing company, Macrosoft is fully committed to guiding you to reach your goals.

Access to a Deep Talent Pool

  • Our clients get access to our 400+ in-house developers. Our highly capable project managers help you to hire a team of developers, screen them, and choose the best team for your expectations and demands.

Existing Infrastructure

  • Our in-house state-of-the-art infrastructure is well-equipped with updated IT tools and systems. As soon as you hire development teams, they get working right away with minimal set up time.

Delivery Management

  • As far as our managed teams are concerned, we have our productivity, KPIs, and, quality checks. This ensures that our goal and the your goals are aligned. 

Authoritative IT Consultation

  • To guide our managed teams and our clients, we provide senior level IT consultation services to optimally align the outcomes, technical resources, and the timeline of projects.


  • Macrosoft takes care of the human resources and payroll headaches, while our clients get the best technical expertise from the developers.

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