Macrosoft’s Hiring Process


Macrosoft’s recruitment team follows a step-by-step approach to select the best talent for your staffing requirements. Moreover, our recruitment plan lays out the strategy for attracting and hiring the best candidates. This, in turn, provides clients with a rich applicant pool to select from. 

Our Staffing Approach

Once a client selects a candidate, Macrosoft’s human resources department springs into action. Further, our team beings the on-boarding procedure, which we customize for each one of our clients. We provide detailed assistance to our candidates during background checks, drug screens, and any immigration documentation. Additionally, Macrosoft offers each and every new employee the ability to enroll in Macrosoft’s payroll and benefits plan.

Sometimes our employees must relocate for the project assignments. In these cases, we assist them in finding accommodation close to the work site. We schedule informal telephone discussions to connect these candidates with other consultants on the same project. These discussions are a great way for the new consultant to have a chance to network and feel comfortable in the new workplace. This is a great opportunity for them to inquire about the projects underway at that client site and general work culture at the company.

Once a consultant nears the official start at the client site, we provide them with detailed first-day instructions to ensure a successful kick-off.

Macrosoft’s Commitment to Our Consultants

We support our consultants throughout the duration of their assignments and beyond. The relationships that we forge with all of our employees are long lasting,productive and mutually beneficial.

Tips for Choosing The Right Staffing Agency

Nationwide the staffing agency industry collectively employs an average of 2 million workers daily across all industries. Challenge is to pick the right one to work with.


Macrosoft Recruitment Services

Macrosoft offers qualified technology consultants rewarding, challenging, and prestigious careers at the frontiers of the profession.

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