What is Technical Staff Augmentation?

By John Kullmann

Technology Staff Augmentation – What is it? Is it right for you as a company? Is it right for you as a candidate? And why would you want to partner with Macrosoft?

What is Technical Staff Augmentation?

This assumes that you as an organization have an existing IT staff supporting your day-today needs, but you need to supplement that. Why? Maybe you have overflow work. Maybe you have a deadline you need to meet. Maybe you’re building out something that your team will operate, but these people become part of your existing team and work collaboratively, side by side, as opposed to wholesale, offshoring or outsourcing a development project that gets developed separately from this. This is integral and part of your team.

Technical Staff Augmentation Services

Download our Technical Staff Augmentation Brochure to understand in details the ways we can work together to success

Why would you want to do this?

Well, maybe you have short term needs and only need to do this for a certain period of time, or maybe there’s a particular skill set that you’re looking for a technology aspect to help supplement. Also, you don’t have the upfront, cost and time associated with on-boarding a new person and you don’t have the ongoing overhead associated with it.

So that’s why it might fit you as a company to look at technical staff augmentation, but you as a candidate. Why might it be right for you? First and foremost, it really allows you to look at interesting jobs in your specific niche and your specific area so you can quickly advance your career by growing your skills in your technical area that make you most desirable in the marketplace. And, it allows you to have a work life balance as you supplement your work and balance it with your life according to your schedule. So, you get to grow your skills in your specific area and have the balance of your work life.

Why would you want to work with Macrosoft?

Well, Macrosoft is a 30 year old technology company. We’re based in New Jersey, and we work with companies around the US to help provide the best candidates for their needs. And, how do we do that? We have a deep talent pool that we’ve built over the past 30 years through our alumni, through our contacts, through our networking that we can reach into to find the right candidate specific for your requirements.

And we’re completely transparent, both with the company to make sure that they understand exactly what’s happening and the candidate to ensure that they completely understand that it’s happening. And we pride ourselves in this transparency and working with people.

Where do we focus on? Where do we work every day?

Probably three areas:

First would be Full Stack Java developers. If you have particular skills in this area or needs in this area, we can certainly help you. Next will be on Cloud Infrastructure. We’re dealing with this every day with candidates as well as clients. And the last or third area would be the Technical Project Manager focused on Agile Scrum methodology. Of course we work in many different areas of many different clients, many different technologies, but those are the three key focus areas that are right in the center of our bulls-eye that we can support you with today.

Contact Macrosoft if you’d like to understand how you can be a candidate working with us or if you as a company have need for technical staff augmentation.

Technical Staff Augmentation Services

Download our Technical Staff Augmentation Brochure to understand in details the ways we can work together to success

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By John Kullmann | June 16th, 2022 | Staffing Services

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John Kullmann Chief Operating Officer Macrosoft

John Kullmann

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