There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Testing

By Ed Sable

Too Much Testing

Everyone’s heard a joke that begins with two “______” walk into a bar, so, here is my attempt at a testers- Testing joke

Two Quality Assurance Engineers Walk into a bar… Run into a bar…Fly into a bar… Jump into a bar… Hop into a bar… Sprint into a bar… And so on.

This joke might not get me onto a talent show but it illustrates an important point. While doing testing you need to account for every possible variation.  

Testing can be the biggest hurdle in any organization’s journey towards continuous delivery. Most companies fail to cycle through testing, acceptance and regression quickly enough to release at the speed they need. We suggest integrating it thoroughly into software development and systems management.

Some people think it is boring and only development is cool. Nothing could be further from the truth. Test engineers get to figure out how to break things and what’s more fun than that. A high degree of creativity as well as excellent documentation is critical to a successful quality assurance team. You need the team that can use automated tools for regression and re-testing work. At the same time you need testers who can think creatively and explore every possible outcome in a particular situation. 

Macrosoft teams of testers are great at ensuring the functionality of the system performs as anticipated. But they are also generally fun-loving bunch who like to play with toys until they break. 

When engaging the team to do testing make sure you have a creative innovative bunch in the how to think out-of-the-box. Contact Macrosoft to learn more about how our testers ensure excellent results for our clients.

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By Ed Sable | November 18th, 2015 | General, Staffing Services

About the Author

Dr. Edward G. Sable Vice Chairman, Board of Directors of Macrosoft

Ed Sable

Dr. Edward Sable is the Vice Chairman, Board of Directors of Macrosoft, Inc. Prior to joining Macrosoft, Ed owned and led a business development consulting firm. Ed generated significant amounts of revenue for small technology companies. Previously, Ed managed divisions at AT&T.

Ed is highly knowledgeable in the design and development of software applications and products. He has worked with major companies including Marriott, JC Penney, United Airlines, and others. As President, Ed is leading the strategic development of new processes and products. Accordingly, Ron is dedicated to providing leading-edge, cost-effective systems and solutions for Macrosoft’s clients.

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