Why Type, When You Can Talk

By John Kullmann

Chatbot Technology it’s Coming Faster Than Ever

Organizations were very excited when chatbots took off, applying them in every possible way to boost their business presence. It sets up a trend that serves customer requirements with minimal employee intervention. Today, bots have become an absolute necessity to meet the ever-changing user expectations. At Macrosoft, we have launched ‘Aida’ the virtual assistant that assists you through our website macrosoftinc.com.

How we have benefited with Aida?

Reading the questions and seeing what people ask Aida has enabled us to understand the intents of our visitors and clients. Progressing into conversational chatbot has enabled us to become familiar with how to convey the most ideal experience. Furthermore, this sets us up to be progressively agile as conversational chats change, becoming increasingly advanced.

How do NLP, NLU, and NLG relate with one another?

The technical terminologies involved in building conversationally intelligent chatbots are Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Natural Language Generation (NLG). These acronyms are used interchangeably, although they are different and have altogether different degrees of complexity related to them. In chat technology, NLP (Natural Language Processing) is comprised of two major parts:

  • First, NLU (Natural Language Understanding). This is your computer’s ability to understand what you said in what context and converted into digital bits and bytes. These digital elements are then consumed by the processor, understood using the algorithms and determine the appropriate action allowing the computer to respond back. Apart from understanding words it also interprets meaning from unstructured inputs (like human errors and mispronunciation) to a more structured form that a machine can utilize.
  • Secondly, responding back is where NLG (Natural Language Generation) exists. Simply put this is when computers convert digital processing into structured verbal communication within the context of the situation. It produces natural language from a knowledge base or logical form.

A Reality Check on Today’s Chatbots and Voice Applications

Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation and Voice Recognition are the four terms used interchangeably within the world of chatbots/virtual assistants. At Macrosoft, we are big evangelists of Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) that uses pre-built, world-class models to recognize known entities.

Advanced forms of NLP can comprehend the context of your messages. For example, if you are posing an inquiry or creating a statement, this may appear to be insignificant, but it can profoundly affect a chatbot’s capacity to carry on an effective discussion with a client. With the present advancements, it is not yet possible for chatbots to work miracles and ensure it reacts to each and every message appropriately. But the speed and accuracy with which both NLP and NLG are improving, we’re sure to see a lot of advances in the coming days. In the very near future, you’ll be interacting conversationally with your digital devices rather than via a keyboard.

Your company’s computer systems need to be ready for this change. There are ways to dip your toe in the water to get ready for this impending wave. It’s important you start now so as this change happens, your company is positioned properly.

Check out our White Papers to know more about the use cases and best practices that Macrosoft has developed for Chatbots and Voice Apps.

Don’t get left behind contact Macrosoft to learn more about how our chatbot capabilities can be used to support your business.

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By John Kullmann | July 16th, 2019 | Enterprise Services

About the Author

John Kullmann Chief Operating Officer Macrosoft

John Kullmann

John is the Chief Operating Officer for Macrosoft. In that capacity, he works with new and existing clients to clearly understand their requirements and translate them for the software development teams. John has extensive experience in Six Sigma, Lean Engineering and managing international operations. His background has allowed him to be responsible for ensuring ongoing client satisfaction. John consistently provides excellent customer service, ensuring the highest quality.

John collaborates with all members of the leadership and operation teams, during the creation of new services. Similarly, he is Macrosoft’s corporate face, ensuring our messaging and content represent the high-tech, high-quality of Macrosoft.

John is a frequent speaker at industry events and is the Chairman of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce Tech Talk Forum.

Though John always takes his work very seriously, he does not take himself so serious. Outside of work, John sits on the Board of Directors for Family Nature Summits. Additionally, he plays tennis and enjoys every outdoor activity.

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