Top 5 CCM Trends in 2020 – What Are the Game Changers?

By Abhishek Mishra, Saraswathy Devi Devi

All successful business know effective customer communication play a vital role in an organization’s ability to guide prospects and clients through today’s digital relationship journey.

A recent Gartner report shows that 33% of clients would immediately change organizations after a poor customer care experience. This ease/speed of change requires organizations who want to outperform their competitors must work considerably harder and do everything to keep clients satisfied with the customer communication services they provide.

Omni-Channel Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems are advancing as more interactive platforms add complexity to the ever-changing client requirements. To outperform the competition, businesses need to utilize diverse correspondence channels to connect with customers and provide an outstanding seamless experience across every platform.

How organizations provide their clients with customer communication can make the difference between business growth or decline. Following are five industry trends in the CCM market that companies must begin considering when improving their client interactions.

Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire CCM Services

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CCM Trends in 2020:

  • Customer Experience and Expectations are Increasing Daily. What was acceptable yesterday is no longer acceptable today or tomorrow.  Clients are becoming more digital: Companies are focusing on digital media making use of web and mobile content in addition to traditional voice and print channels to communicate with customers. Companies must focus on personalized communication: To keep their customers happy, organizations are personalizing communications based on previous interactions and by referring to customer’s names and responding via private/direct messages. Communicating via social media has become an integral part of interacting with customers as well as tracking the customer’s journey.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Advancements For monitoring and analyzing customer actions to predict specific customer needs, organizations are taking advantage of the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These tools help identify channels that are the most useful in catering to customer needs efficiently.
  • Migrating to the Cloud The new CCM platforms have an architecture that takes full advantage of the Cloud.  Key attributes organizations require are seamless access from any location, standardized security, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Equipping Teams with Tools to Measure the Quality of Communication with Customers The right tools for scoring customer communication effectiveness, helps customer service teams become more efficient at handling their customer requests, and for their adaptability to provide a better customer experience.
  • Economic Advantage For any business to be successful, the business must yield more money than it spends. To do this, you must be able to operate your business at the lowest possible cost.  This measure of investment is applicable to CCM as well. The right platform that fits your organizations needs and budget is key to providing customers great experience at affordable levels.

2020 will be a significant milestone year in Customer Communication Management. More organizations are changing their legacy communications platforms into the next generation fully digitalized systems. Moving forward, businesses continue to work diligently to obtain the advantages of powerful correspondence providing outstanding customer experience by executing high level omni-channel communications.

Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire CCM Services

Download Macrosoft’s Quadient Inspire CCM development and implementation services brochure. Macrosoft has collaborated with Quadient Inspire to become a Certified Delivery Partner.

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By Abhishek Mishra, Saraswathy Devi Devi | August 24th, 2020 | General, Quadient

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Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra works as a Software Engineer for Macrosoft Quadient Team. He has worked extensively on Inspire Suit and is proficient in client handling, requirement gathering, and troubleshooting technical problems.

He holds certifications in Quadient Inspire Designer Basic, Inspire Designer Advanced, and Inspire Content Manager. He is an Engineering Graduate in Electronics and Communication. He believes in perseverance and always gives his best.

Saraswathy Devi Devi

Saraswathy Devi works as a Software Engineer for Macrosoft Quadient team. She has proven expertise in different phases of the project, including analysis, effort estimation, solution generation, design, and development. She holds certifications in Quadient Inspire Designer (Basic and Advanced), Inspire Content Manager, Inspire scaler, and Inspire Interactive.

She is an Engineering Post Graduate. She is an enthusiastic team player who considers teamwork to be almost indispensable in defining the success of any project.

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