Macrosoft Inc., is well known as a high-tech development company that provides clients best-in-class solutions in software development projects. We have accomplished over 25 years of successful engagements working for an exceptional client list. Also, what you may not realize is that Macrosoft is one of the pioneers in Staffing Services, which focuses on recruiting the right candidates fitting the business needs of our clients. 

As a software development company, we understand the latest in technology from Legacy Migration services, Custom development offerings, Machine Learning analytic practices, to our Mobile web development capabilities. Our highly skilled recruitment team understands the new technologies that helps them shortlist best talents specialized in specific industries. 

Macrosoft houses a team of highly specialized recruiters with a proven strategy that combines social networking, internet job portals and vendor partners to acquire top resources. We work extensively with our clients to advertise job requirements and attract prospective candidates whose skills match the opening. We follow a competitive pricing structure all the time trying to trim our own margins, while ensuring the efforts of our employees are well compensated. Routine follow-up with our clients ensure that both the client and the employee are satisfied with the placement and will remain in the project until completion.

At Macrosoft, the recruitment process begins by collecting requirements from the client, then understanding and carrying out the recruitment process for selecting the best qualified candidate. Initial step is phone screening where we understand the candidate’s experiences and make them understand the job responsibilities. Each individual employee is subject to scrutiny by subject matter experts with a well-planned in-house assessment to judge their skill levels. After thorough analysis and screening of personal profiles, we recruit the best people and back them up with our technical resources to ensure they are successful while working on client projects. 

Our recruitment specialties are focused in telecom, retail, finance and health-care industries. Though our focus is on Java and .NET resources, we are exceptionally good at finding resources as data analysts, system and solution engineers, testers and system integrators, technical customer support, agile, cloud and cyber security. We maintain a highly skilled recruitment team to recruit candidates for contract, contract to hire and full-time positions

What sets us apart from other staffing companies is that Macrosoft sponsors H1B Visas and transfers giving us a leading edge over other competitors. We work closely with our clients on every new job opening to develop a tight set of requirements for that position. Based on market analysis we work out a competitive rate range before sourcing of the project begins. Most of the time we end up reducing our own margin in the quest to offer the most talented resources at the most competitive price.

Here at Macrosoft, we provide a team oriented, multi-ethnic family atmosphere making all our employees feel like they are part of one big family. We conduct necessary trainings and upgrade programs to update the technical knowledge of our employees as and when required. Our client base is spread across various verticals, allowing employees to learn and work in a diversified workplace refining their experience levels. These factors combined together contributes to a very low rate of attrition, allowing our employees to establish long term client relationships. We realize that our success is dependent on the people we employ, so we are always on a look out to hire new talents join our growing family. 

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